POLAIR Standard Glass Door Refrigerated Cabinets are reliable, spacious, functional, have modern European design. They draw customer attention to the food exhibited and create optimal conditions for product showcasing and storage. 

POLAIR Glass Door Refrigerated Cabinets are intended to operate at outside temperature of up to +32°С and humidity up to 60%. 

Panelling of POLAIR Standard Glass Door Refrigerated Cabinets is made of polymer-coated stainless steel both on the inside and the outside to ensure: 
• Mechanical strength 
• Attractive design 
• Durability and convenience of use 

POLAIR Standard Refrigerated Cabinets 
• Reliably maintain the pre-set temperature and provide effective food cooling 
• Their one-piece structures filled with polyurethane foam have no slits or joints which ensures reliable thermal insulation of the cooled area, as well as strength and durability of the cabinets. 
• Feature professional dynamic refrigeration system (with copper-aluminium condenser and evaporator batteries and a powerful axial fan) allowing effective and even cooling of all items situated on all shelves 

The refrigerated cabinets demonstrate high showcasing properties due to:  
• Design of the case that provides perfect view of the items inside and offers a large storage space (it can hold eight 0.5L bottles for single-door options and 16 0.5L bottles for double-door options, placed facing the door)  
• Well thought-out double-glass pane door construction 
• Vertical internal illumination ensuring even lighting of the food items and beverages displayed on all shelves 
• Illuminated decorative canopy screen panel to attract customers’ attention 
• Spacious and reliable shelves (distributed load up to 40 kg) 

The refrigerated cabinets are convenient to use:  
• Doors opening wider than 180° have a stopper and close automatically 
• Feature reliable replaceable sealants with magnetic inserts 
• The way in which doors open can be changed 
• Electronic control unit with a LCD display allows to set, control and correct the parameters of refrigerated cabinet operation, as well as manage settings and perform refrigerating system diagnostics 
• Refrigerated cabinets feature automated thawing system with the water evaporating from the draining tub 
• Provide convenient access to the aggregate for maintenance 
• Feature Schraeder valve 

Polair DP102-S; 150L; hőmérséklettartomány -8...0°C
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Polair DP105-S; 500L; hőmérséklettartomány -8... 0°C
Anyagi test borításokbevont acélMűködési hőmérséklet tartomány, ° C-8 ... 0L500Befoglaló méretek697h..
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