New generation of refrigeration cabinets with glass doors POLAIR - Pk (POLAIR - Professionale - kasseta). 

Due to the special case design and the use of innovative cassette set a useful storage of cabinet is equal to its total volume. 

The cabinet has a record volume capacity and unique visibility. 

Economical and energy efficiency together provides the ease of maintenance and use.

the most spacious in its class of cabinets: 
  • accommodates 448 bottles of 500 ml *! 

advanced European technologies:         
  • modern high-tech cassette set
  • inner LED lamps lighting
  • canapes LED lamps lighting

optimization of retail space, cash and operating costs:  
  • maximum display of goods at a minimum trade area
  • effective exposure of the goods
  • substantially less power consumption - 25%! **

svojstva.jpg  High-tech cassette set:
  - Efficient cooling of products on the shelves of cabinet 
  - Increased volume of goods display 
  - Reduced service times is three times 
  - Easy replacement 


  The one-piece body structure:
  - Reliable thermal insulation 
  - Mechanical strength 
  - Energy savings 
  LED lamps illumination:
  - Energy efficiency 
  - Uniform illumination of all the goods on the shelves of cupboards 
  - Drawing attention to exhibited product 
  - Durability and ease of lamps replacement 
  Cabinet doors:
  - In durable aluminum frames 
  - With replaceable windows and reliable seals 
  - Self-closing mechanism  
  - Comfortable ergonomic handles 

  Effective display of goods: 
  - Optimal size of shelves 
  - Rational design of the body 
  - Reinforced shelves (max 60 kg of distributed weight) 
  - A wide range of options and accessories

*Type of Euro 0,5 l placed in 7 levels, taking into account additional shelves 
** Compared with DM107-S 

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