POLAIR Professionale Refrigerated Cabinets are high-tech equipment available in various designs and offering a broad range of options and accessories. 

POLAIR Professionale Refrigerated Cabinets are intended to operate at outside temperatures ranging from +12° to +40° С, both inside and in the open air. 

Winter-Summer option allows the refrigerated cabinets to demonstrate reliable work in the open-air retail and public catering areas at temperatures from -30 to +40 °С. 

POLAIR Professionale refrigerated cabinets are equipped with one of the two available highly effective dynamic refrigerating systems: 
• traditional refrigerating system 
• innovative cassette-type refrigerating system 

The refrigerator set has a lower location behind a removable protective panel, and is put on rails to ensure easy removal for maintenance. 

Ozone-safe R134a or green R290 (propane) are used as refrigerants. 

Thermoregulator type can be selected from two options: 
• Mechanical thermostat 
• Power-saving controller with a broad spectrum of functions and options 

Polymer-coated stainless steel one-piece structure (both on the inside and the outside) ensures: 
• optimal thermal regulation 
• Rigidity and strength of construction 
• Durability 
• Resistance to mechanical damages 

Double-glass pane door construction 
• ensure opening wider than 180° 
• collapsible aluminium frames are convenient for pane changes 
• feature elastic PVC sealants with magnetic inserts 
• have a stopper and close automatically 
Internal vertical illumination 
• ensures even lighting of items displayed on all shelves 
• sports either LEDs or fluorescent lamps 

Illuminated decorative upper canopy screen panel offers an additional way to attract customers’ attention to the items displayed in the refrigerated cabinet, to emphasise the brand, and to push sales. 

Shelf distributed load is up to 60 kg. 

Shelf pitch is 12.5 mm. 

Shelves are made of galvanised wire with polymer coating. 

The refrigerated cabinets have two adjustable legs and two wheels for easier moving. 

The refrigerated cabinets can be equipped with either legs or wheels as specified by the customer. 

*The refrigerated cabinets are built to order. Minimal order is calculated individually but not less than 50 items. 

Available options and accessories 

Price tag rails 

Cases of the refrigerated cabinets can be painted in any colour specified by the customer 

Branding (personalisation) of the refrigerated cabinets using high-quality print film resistant to precipitation, UV light, etc: 
• side panels 
• canopies 
• doors 
• price tag rail 

Winter-Summer option allows to maintain above-zero temperature inside the refrigerated cabinets while outside temperature is on sub-zero level (up to -30°С) 

Mechanical lock 

Electromechanical lock with a remote control unit 

Vandal-proof protective screen
 protecting the doors and the contents of the refrigerated cabinet against unauthorised access, damage and theft in case of outdoor location. The screen is secured directly on the refrigerated cabinet case using specialised brackets, and is complete with locks. 

Vandal-proof protective complex (VPPC) protecting the doors and the contents of the refrigerated cabinet in case of outdoor location in open-air retail and public catering facilities. Heavy-duty self-sustaining construction. 

It protects not only doors and contents but also the case of the refrigerated cabinet itself. 

Patented proprietary solution developed by POLAIR specialists.

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