Operation temperatures range from -25°С to -18°С 

4+ climate class 
The chest freezers are intended for outside temperatures up to +35° С


POLAIR chest freezer panelling is made of polymer-coated stainless steel to ensure: 
• mechanical strength and durability 
• high corrosion resistance 
• attractive product appearance 
• high showcasing properties 

POLAIR chest freezer glass lids: 
• feature tempered glass, are durable; if broken, shatter into small safe pieces 
• feature low-emission coating, have heat-reflecting properties, ensure reliable food cooling, save power, and guarantee glass transparency in all operation modes 

Handles are: 
• ergonomic 
• convenient 

Cases are: 
• enhanced, made of thermoshaped ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) of various colours 
• protect the frames and glass lids 
• make the chest freezers look attractive and customised 

Double turning wheels: 
• allow easy movement 
• are reliable and durable 
• leave no traces on the floor 

Broad personalisation opportunities: 
• film branding 
• branding using silkscreen process 
• painting cases in any colour specified by the customer 
• wide range of frames in various colours, from regular to exotic 

For additional convenience of hygienic maintenance, all chest freezers have a hole in the bottom that is covered with a plug when the device is in on.

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