Operation temperatures range from -25°С to -18°С 
4+ climate class 
The chest freezers are intended for outside temperatures up to +35° С 

POLAIR Standard Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezers were specially designed for frozen food and ice cream manufacturers and cater to all their needs and requirements: 

• ensure high quality if food showcasing and storing 
• are intended for difficult climatic conditions 
• ready for use in open-air retail and public catering areas* 
• offer broad personalisation opportunities 
• thermostat was shifted from the external panelling to the aggregate section in order to protect refrigeration units and improve perception of images on the external wall 
• all chest freezers have thermostats for temperature control 
• double turning wheels leave no traces on the floor and allow for easy moving

Chest freezer panelling on the inside and the outside is made of polymer-coated galvanised steel to ensure:

• high corrosion resistance 
• durability 
• perfect showcasing properties

Chest freezer cases are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) of various colours as specified by the customer, to ensure: 

• frames and glass lids protection against damage 
• attractive and customised look

Elegant curved tempered glass lids: 

• are extra durable; if broken, shatter into small safe pieces 
• feature low-emission coating, have heat-reflecting properties, ensure reliable food cooling, save power, and guarantee glass transparency in all operation modes 

Chest freezers are branded using image application techniques involving applying paints resistant to atmosphere conditions on high-quality film, or silkscreen process. 

POLAIR curved glass chest freezers can be customised according to additional requirements to specification, features, and appearance. 

*Chest freezers must be protected against precipitation and direct sunlight.

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