Operation temperatures range from -25°С to -18°С  

4+ climate class 
The chest freezers are intended for outside temperatures up to +35° С

Professional refrigeration system featuring: 
• Compressors from leading European makers 
• Copper-aluminium capacitor bank with a fan 
• Aluminium evaporator coil 
• Components from the most reliable vendors

Cases with reliable thermal insulation (polyurethane foam) are 70 mm wide 

Chest freezer panelling is made of: 
• External: polymer-coated steel 
• Internal: galvanised polymer-coated steel or food-grade aluminium 

External panelling of the lids is made of polymer-coated steel 
Internal lid panelling is of practical and hygienic plastic

POLAIR Solid Lid Chest Freezers feature: 
• fast-freeze function for small amounts of food 
• control panel with: 
  - thermostat 
  - thermometer 
  - fast-freeze button 
  - operation mode and alarm lights 
• basket 
• partition 
• ice scraper 
• lock 
• convenient handle 
• rollers for easy moving

POLAIR Grande chest freezers are used to store frozen food supplies, as temporary working areas (lids are made of AISI 304 stainless steel), and also for creating stylistic continuity and placing additional emphasis on the premium quality of the business.

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