The refrigerated tables are designed for operation at environmental temperature up to +43°С.

The range of operating temperatures is from -2 to +10°С.

Each unit of any medium temperature table may be equipped with a module with drawers instead of blind doors. Any combination of drawers and doors is possible – 1200 variants in total.

The following modules are possible:

from 2 drawers with a dimension of 415х516/616*x339 (200**)

from 3 drawers - 415х516/616x224 (100)

from 2 drawers: upper - 415х516/616x224 (100), lower - 415х516/616x454 (320)  

The drawers for table with a depth of 700 mm are of gastronomical standardized type – it is possible to place in them food storage containers GN1/1.

The telescopic slide construction allows to fully open the drawers for ease of use. 
The drawers are made of food-grade stainless steel – inside and outside. 
The front panel poured with foam polyurethane provides a perfect thermal insulation of the drawer content. 
The drawer handles are made of stainless steel. They are ergonomical, hygienic, handy and decorative. 
The drawers are designed for a load up to 15 (the smallest one) and 20 kg (medium and the largest one – XL). 
The deep drawer is designed for the storage of drinks as well. The capacity is 24/28 glass bottles of Euro 0.5l type. The drawers are ease for a full removal from the table for an easy hygiene care.

The recommended retail sale prices for the basic models of the tables with the drawers are contained in the price-list in a special section “To partners” which is available for all the registered users. The prices for all the other configuration options of tables with door and drawers are available upon request.

Legends for configurations of table units with drawers:

TM4GN-0123-G, where:

0 – unit with a blind door, without drawers 
1 – unit with two drawers – small one and XL 
2 – unit with two medium in depth drawers 
3 – unit with 3 small drawers

*the values, adjusted by means of «/» correspond to the data for the tables with a depth of 600 mm / 700 mm. 
**the drawer’s height is without a notice of a front panel

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