The air cooling units are designed for cooling of air masses in cooling chambers.

The ceiling air cooling units are low power devices used for cooling of refrigerated chambers of small and medium volume.

This type of air-cooling units stands out for compactability which makes it possible to use in maximum the usable space of the refrigerated chamber and high productivity.

The air cooling units are designed for operation in the conditions of environmental air: - at a temperature from -30 to +35°С and relative degree of humanity from 20 to 98 %.

Product arrangement.

The air-cooling unit consists of a freezer battery and liquid separation vessel, as well as ventilators, heating elements and NTC temperature sensors, packed in the body. The copper tubes with aluminum finning of plate-like type are used in a freezer battery. For a firm contact with plates the tubes are burnished with an extension of their diameter which provides for a maximum increase in heat exchange from the tubes.

The air cooling unit body parts are made of galvanized steel with an application of polymeric. The air cooling units are filled with dry nitrogen.

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