POLAIR Professionale Coldroom family includes: 

- All coldrooms built of 100 mm wide panels. They ensure reliable thermal insulation even when used in hard climatic conditions and in the condition of significant gap in inside and outside temperature. The coldrooms are most commonly used in low-temperature mode. Cost of the coldroom can be taken from the price list or calculated based on Coldroom Constructor software. The following table will help you to select a coldroom of 100 mm panel taking into account its width, depth and three standard height options: 2240 mm, 2500 mm, and 2760 mm. 

100 mm POLAIR Professionale coldrooms 

- customised coldrooms (with with partitions, corner sections, no-floor options, various door types, combined coldrooms, etc.) For these types of coldrooms, panel of 80 or 100 mm can be used. To calculate the component set and cost of this model type, use Coldroom Constructor software; 

- modular coldrooms with glass. These coldrooms are intended to store and showcase flowers, beverages and other goods. Recommended temperature range is +2°С...+10°С. Coldrooms of this type are made based on the seven POLAIR Standard models with capacity varying from 2.94 м3 to 11.75 м3. Coldrooms can have different shape options based on the location of glass modules. 

POLAIR Professionale coldrooms are built to order; production term is several work days (depending on the component set). 

To learn the cost of the coldrooms, consult the price list (for standard 100 mm panel coldrooms) or use Coldroom Constructor software. 

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