Additional advantage of POLAIR coldrooms comes in the form of the so-called extension belts, i.e. sets of panels allowing to increase the capacity of existing coldrooms. 

Extension belts consist of a wall panel, a ceiling panel and a floor panel. 

They allow to change the size of the existing coldroom in a fast and inexpensive way. 

Example of using extension belts for КХН-6,61 coldroom 

Original coldroomWith a 300 mm extension beltWith a 600 mm extension beltWith a 900 mm extension beltWith a 1200 mm extension belt

KXH-6,611200 мм extension belt KXH-11,02

Extension belts are installed in the middle of a coldroom. 

Note that panel junctions on the ceiling and the floor must not coincide with wall panel junctions. 

Extension belts offer a simple and efficient solution to increase the capacity of existing storage. 

For POLAIR distributors, extension belts allow to broaden the range of coldrooms available in their warehouses. 

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